Cart-D™ IOL Delivery Cartridge

Model: CARTRIDGE - D                                          Manufacturer:ICARES™ Medicus Inc.
Medical Device Registration Certificate No. : NATIONAL Instrument Permit 20202160001


An easy - to - use design for intraocular lens folding clamp


Design of aircraft head for quick installation of iOLS

LubriMATRIX™ surface treatment technology for excellent lubrication

A single use of sterile intraocular lens foldable lenses

Suitable for use with reusable metal injectors


The Original Cart-D™ iOL foldholder from Taiwan is a highly compatible foldholder that can be used with any compatible, reproducible, reproducible metal injector to assist intraocular lens injection during cataract lens implantation. The zigzag design on both sides of the folding clamp increases the stability of handling and the overall aircraft head mechanism is designed with AST's proprietary LubriMATRIX™ surface hydrophilic lubrication treatment, which not only makes the loading of the IOL easy and fast, but also makes the iOL injection smoother and safer.

Cart-D™ IOL Delivery Cartridge

Cart-D ™ intraocular lens folding holder (model: CARTRId-D) suitable for intraocular lens implantation with a surgical incision no less than 2.2mm, and an oval design of inlet head injection orifice could effectively reduce wound lacerations caused by implantation. Sterilized with ethylene oxide, this product comes in a box of 10 packages, each package includes a disposable sterile lens foldable holder.

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