lucentTM intraocular lens

Model: MY18

lucentTM intraocular lens is a pale yellow one-piece posterior chamber lens, foldable, loop type, modified C type, single-focus, aspheric optical design, used for acapsular lens correction after cataract extraction in adults. The main body and the supporting part are made of hydrophobic acrylic ester material, adding ultraviolet absorbent and blue light filtering color base. The filtering ability of light with wavelength of 400~475nm is similar to that of young human lens, which can effectively reduce the damage caused by blue light radiation, not only can protect the retina but also do not affect the night vision. The product is sterilized by ethylene oxide and used once.

Special material

  • 11 ℃ the characteristics of glass transition temperature in the operation environment, show excellent soft features, is advantageous to the minimally invasive surgery using push note for folding and push on
  • stable material, with high quality cutting process at low temperature, not easily get champagne vacuole, no benefly phenomenon


Precise mechanism design

  • 360 ° square straight edge and the atomization of the vertical plane design, effectively prevent the occurrence of secondary cataract
  • a integrated the improved C loop, supporting effect is good, after intraocular lens implantation intraocular firmly maintain for a long time in the correct position, and material of the original good elasticity, easy folding operation process and postoperative stretch, surgical wound can be narrowed to only 2.2 mm


Excellent optical performance

  • 0.27 m (including spherical aberration of aspheric optical design, with high colour contrast, either during the day or night, can have the best visual quality
  • abbe number 50, reduce the poor dispersion, reduce all kinds of color in the visual disturbance, the image is clear, to provide better visual quality for the patients
  • through the optical design of high precision, focuses light, reduce off color, make the image more hd is accurate

Main performance parameters of the product


lucent™ Preloaded IOL Delivery System

Model: MY18PC, MY18PD

lucent™ Preloaded IOL Delivery System
consist of intraocular lens and push the injection device, is to different degrees of chengyang now ™ MY18 intraocular lens pre-installed in pushing injection device, super milk after intraocular lens implantation can simply be intraocular, omitted to install crystal complex operation in the process of operation, press push note import header nozzle size is divided into MY18PC and MY18PD two models, applicable to the incision 2.6 mm and 2.2 mm respectively, import of oval head push injection nozzle design, can effectively reduce the embedded process caused the wounds of the tear. The product is sterilized by ethylene oxide and used once.

The characteristics of

  • design accord with human body engineering, easy to make
  • import cavity in the head by LubriMATRIX hydrophilic lubrication processing
  • apply the incision as small as 2.2 mm, reduce the postoperative astigmatism
  • MY18 intraocular lens is installed inside, no benefly phenomenon

Main performance parameters of the product

operating steps